General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do customized orders?

Yes you can place order with respect to following categories

  • Selection of your required color
  • Your required fabric
  • Number of pieces

Note: Please know that customized orders take more time than readymade deliveries.

How much time does a customized order take?

A customized order takes from 7 to 10 days. It also depends on the number of items. you can discuss delivery timelines with our customer service,compfortably.

What is the minimum number of units we can order for nikkah goodie bags and bid boxes

  • Minimum customized  bid box units are 50
  • Minimum customized nikkah goodie bags units are 50

How will I receive my delivery?

You will receive your delivery through BluEx.


Is there any advance payment?

On order price, more than Rs. 5000, 50% advance is taken from the customer p

What is the mode of transaction?

-Bank transfer


-COD (Cash on delivery)

What do I do If I receive the product with broken glass?

The customer has to provide us with screenshots of the damaged parcel and contact customer support urgently to sort out this matter immediately.