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You might have heard the phrase, ‘weddings are a costly affair’, but did you know that wedding shopping in fact is a hectic affair as well? And there’s no denying that. Why don’t you ask around, and if not 100%, about 90% of them would agree with us.

There’s just so much to do buy when there’s a wedding at home; buying a wedding dress, wedding jewelry, shoes, jahez, Sherwani, chapel, qulla for the groom, and if you think this is it, then rethink. There are usually piles and piles of papers, cramped with the wedding shopping products you need to buy.Some of these things are so rare that slip of mind is common, but here at our store, you can find it all, from mendikirasamki essentials, tomayun products, dodhpilai glass,dandiya and so much more.

In Pakistan, or as a matter of face, anydesi wedding preparations mostly begins around 6-months before the actual date. So, (no matter if you have stumbled on our website by chance, or if someone gave our reference,) we are glad that you are here to shop for your favorite items.

The vision behind coming up with the Shaadi Store was to make the lives of the bride, groom and their families easier. We all know that work have taken most of our time, and getting time out specifically to go to the many shopping trips to the market, is not only difficult but becomes impossible at times for some. As you might have come across our tagline, ‘THE SHAADI STORE; WHERE WEDDING SHOPPING BEGINS, this stands true for all the wedding essentials you are looking for.

The Shaadi Store is your ultimate place to buy for all the wedding products hassle-free, in one click. Shop your favorite items, displayed by the different vendors from all across the Pakistan. Get in touch with us, to know more about the products.